Not So Fast Luddites. You Can Put the Robot Smashing Hammer Down Now.

While I would recommend reading Player Piano and learning to code, the economic effects of automation may be over-estimated by science-fiction writers and fans of the new automated menu at McDonalds. Libertarian blogger Garry Reed suggests we consider all the possibilities and reminds us that the future has not been written. Whether or not it will be automated, […]

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While I would rather not comment on the absurdity that political discourse has become, I cannot stand by when the phrase “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” [TANSTAAFL] is being used to attack political opponents. The main purpose of TANSTAAFL is to remind people  to think outside the box and consider the […]


Critical to a Point

While we have been critical of the Libertarian Party [LP] and the Gary Johnson campaign, the point is not that we should not be pragmatic in promoting liberty. Rather, the point is to reflect on your efforts critically to see where you can improve. That is where true pragmatism can be found.

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Vintage Tomorrows

If you’re in a post-election slump, watch Vintage Tomorrows. Steam Punk has a great underlining message: imagine a better world, make it, and explore it. Get reacquainted with technology. Don’t just use it. Make it your own. Join the Steam Punk Party.

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The Real Aleppo Gaffe

This isn’t about politics. This is about cognition and the societal biases that interfere with asking questions, and learning from mistakes. Yes, Gary Johnson made an error of thought. However, asking for clarification should not be frowned upon. The gaffe was not made by Johnson but by everyone who judged him for doing what we should […]

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Make that 9%

According to the New York Times, only 9% of Americans voted for Hillary and Trump. Check out their interactive presentation. Why should 9% of the population dictate to the rest of us that we must pick between these 2 candidates? That seems a bit absurd, especially when the approval ratings for these 2 candidates are […]

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